Full Face Snorkel Set

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Rent our ULTIMATE snorkel set!!  Each set includes the revolutionary Vista Vue Full Face Snorkel Mask, super-comfortable fins, and mesh carrying bag.  Say goodbye to fogging, leaky masks, and unnatural breathing!  The Vista Vue mask solves all the common problems that plague traditional sets!  The S/M Vista Vue Mask fits most adult women and many kiddos.  The L/XL Vista Vue mask accommodates most adult males.  Don't forget to select your fin size when completing checkout! 

*Vista Vue Masks are exclusively for surface snorkeling 

Rates: $15/Day, $70/Week, 20% Discount for rentals over 1 week

1 to 4 days $15.00 (per Day)
5 to 7 days $70.00 (Total)
8 days $82.00 (Total)
9 days $94.00 (Total)
10 days $106.00 (Total)
11 days $118.00 (Total)
12 to 14 days $130.00 (Total)
15 days $140.00 (Total)
16 days $150.00 (Total)
17 days $160.00 (Total)
18 days $170.00 (Total)
19 to 21 days $180.00 (Total)