Infant Life Jacket

Infant Life Jacket
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If you've ever looked for an Infant Life Jacket on St. John, you probably already know you've got a better chance of finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn at Trunk Bay!  Now that we have our own little bundle of joy, we're a bit more sensitive to the unique challenges they can present.  For example, if you don't have a Life Jacket for your LO, your boat day plans are going to have a serious monkey wrench thrown into the works!  Fear not, Beach Bum's got you covered!

Our top-rated Overton Infant Life Vest is a highly visible bright yellow USCG approved Type II Life Jacket.  Designed for Infants 0-30lbs, the oversized collar provides comfortable head support.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your newest addition is safe!


1-4 Days - $5 per day

5-7 Days - $25

20% Discount on Rental Periods Exceeding 7 Days

*US Coast Guard Approved Type II

**Accommodates Infants 0-30 lbs