Beach Tent

From USD $10.00
  • Location: USVI
  • Product code: PJBY3Q
If going to the beach is already a three-ring circus, you might as well have a tent!  And, if you're going to bring a tent, it sure would be nice if it were easy to setup and breakdown. That's EXACTLY what you get with the Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent from St. John Beach Bum.  In addition to its easy setup, our beach tent is a GREAT option for those with kiddos or individuals who want complete protection from the sun.  The Pacific Breeze Beach Tents also standup well to our occasionally strong Caribbean breezes.  Moreover, without any anchors or sand screws, these fantastic beach tents are safe for sea turtle nests and guaranteed approved for ALL St. John beaches!

Weight: 4.5lbs